Great Decisions 2021

Great Decisions is a program created by the Foreign Policy Association.  Begun in 1954, the Great Decisions program is designed to encourage debate and discussion of the important global issues of our time.  The format of the program is intended to promote thoughtful discourse, and to bring people together to express their ideas and opinions, and learn from others.

Great Decisions is an 8 week discussion series. Attendees are asked to register as space is limited.  Program topics, dates and times are listed below:

  • September 8th @6 pm – Global Supply Chains and National Security
  • September 15th @ 6 pm – Persian Gulf Security Issues
  • September 22nd @ 6 pm – Brexit and the European Union
  • September 29th @ 6 pm – Struggles over the Melting Arctic
  • October 6th @ 6 pm – China’s Role in Africa
  • October 13th @ 6 pm – The Korean Peninsula
  • October 20st @ 6 pm – The Role of the WHO
  • October 27th @ 6 pm – The End of Globalization

Attendees are not required to attend all 8 sessions, but are certainly encouraged to do so.