Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

September 15-October 15, 2021

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a variety of programs for all ages. Dover’s programs include:

October 1st at 6:30 pm: Katari Music Band
Katari is a Latin American Music trio impassioned by the sweet notes of the Zampoñas pan pipes, the joyful chords of the Charango small guitar, and the vibrant rhythms of the Bombo Argentinian drum

October 10th-15th: Grab & Go Kits for Children & Teens

October 14th at 10 am: Mi Amigo Hamlet (virtual)
The Tree and The Color Leaves is an adaptation of Mi Amigo Hamlet’s book The Tree and The Color Leaf. This time you will be creating a mixed media art project of a tree with different color leaves to learn about Fall colors in Spanish. Bring a piece of white paper, your favorite color supplies (pencils, markers, paint), scissors and glue. Optional: bring different papers that you may find around your house from magazines, scraps, etc. and be ready to enjoy the process of creating your own masterpiece! Registration is required for the Zoom link.

October 15th at 6 pm: Calpulli Mexican Dance Company (virtual)
Calpulli Mexican Dance Company shares their voyage as immigrants and Mexican-Americans with a contemporary voice, telling their stories through folkloric dance and musical traditions that seek to highlight and celebrate the shared humanity of our experiences. Please register to receive the Zoom login information.

These programs are made possible with a grant from the Arsht-Cannon Fund and in partnership with the Delaware Hispanic Commission, Dover Public Library, Milton Public Library, and the Route 9 Library and Innovation Center.


Community Partner Spotlight:

A special thanks to the following organizations that provide a variety of resources and programs to our Hispanic community:

Literacy Delaware           U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (videos)      Westside Family Healthcare