New Zealand Pen Pal Program

Delaware Libraries have set up a pen pal program with Wellington City Libraries in New Zealand – 9,000 miles away where the seasons are reversed and time is 17 hours ahead! Savor the anticipation of sending and receiving actual letters with new friends while learning about another country and culture! Letters will be dropped off at and delivered to the Library for safety and simplicity.

This program is open to adults, teens, and youth ages 6 and up. Registration forms are available at the Kids Space Desk. Adult participants ages 18 and older have the option of completing registration online. Parental permission is required for those under age 18. You will be matched with a pen pal and given their name and some basic information about them.

The Library will collect letters and all letters will be mailed to New Zealand in one package. All return letters will come in one package to the Library as well!

Each month a new package of letters will be sent and received!