Join the Friends of Dover Public Library!

The Friends of the Dover Public Library is a 501 ( c ) 3 nonprofit organization formed many years ago to advocate on behalf of the Library. The Friends of the Dover Public Library is a group of enthusiastic people of all ages willing to volunteer their time, energy and ideas in support of the Dover Public Library. If you are interested in becoming a Friend, please review the Membership Brochure available in the Library. If you have books to donate, books in good condition may be dropped off at the Friends’ Book Shop.

Friends of the Dover Public Library
Board of Directors

  • President: Ann Alexander
  • Vice President: Ruth Ashby
  • Secretary: Mary Kaltreider
  • Treasurer / Membership: Janella Newman
  • Director: Barbara Reed
  • Director: Ann Alexander
  • Director: Barbara Katz

The Friends’ have a Used Book Sale that never ends!

Please visit The Friends’ Book Shop adjacent to the lobby inside the Library. The Friends’ Book Shop is self-service and is open whenever the Library is open. If none of The Friends are staffing the Friends’ Book Shop when you are ready to make a purchase, please pay for your purchase at the Checkout Desk of the Library. Funds raised by The Friends provide resources for the Dover Library!

Thank you for your interest.